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Pageant History {Part 5}

Good Afternoon my peeps!


On my fifth pageant I continued in the Miss America system with the Miss Brainerd Lakes/Miss Central Lakes pageant. This was the first time I competed in this pageant and I was unsure at first if I should but I gave it a shot. So how this worked was there was 4 titles being given away:
-Miss Central Lakes Outstanding Teen
-Miss Brainerd Lakes Outstanding Teen
-Miss Central Lakes
-Miss Brainerd Lakes

I was competing for Miss Brainerd Lakes and you choose which title you were competing for.
Preparing for this pageant I had to choose a talent and a swimsuit. I thought I would do something different and do baton twirling for my talent. My mom used to be a baton twirler in school and that is what inspired me to do it.

I was babysitting my nieces at the time, Gabby was off at school and Peyti, she was just a baby. Peyti thought it was so funny every time I twirled the baton. She is so dang cute. So it was fun to practice with her around.

I was super excited to see how well I could so at the pageant since this would be my first time competing in this pageant. I practiced and practiced up until it was the day of the pageant. What I loved about this one was it was an early pageant so I wasn't driving myself crazy all day.

I was ready for my interview and I went in as confident as I could. I felt it went pretty good as I was asked to do my Cindy Lou Who impression oh that got them laughing. As time got closer and closer I did my best to practice and relax. I think I even tried to do some sort of exercising for fitness....I laugh at myself that I did that.

As getting set up in the wing as time was upon us. Who will it be as the show starts and it shall be determined. We go out in opening number and it was a cute and fun then we go back out for on stage question...I did my best and I think I did ok :D
Then we got ready for fitness...I should have done more of that haha but I rocked what I had.

Talent I was kinda nervous on dropping the baton or if I would do well to impress the judges. As the music started I smiled my biggest and tried my best. It was going well and before I knew it I was doing the toss of the baton and it was over. I was so shaky when I was done because I didn't drop anything and I felt I did my best.

Last was evening gown and that was great as usual. Then after it was all done and we did our final walk, we lined up and got ready for the moment we were waiting for.

Teens were first, Spirit award was given out and Miss Spirit award was next...IT WAS ME!!!! I couldn't believe I actually won something. Thanks gals to those who voted for me, I was so happy and honored.

Teen queens were crowned and then Miss turn. Miss Central Lakes was first then Miss Brainerd Lakes was next and I was so pumped! First runner up was announced and it wasn't me...then the titleholder. Miss Brainerd Lakes is....not me. I wasn't too bummed I mean actually won something!!! May not be a crown but I won something that meant more!

That's the end of that story. And today is Miss Minnesota week in this organization. Good luck ladies and best wishes!
I used to want to be part of that crowd so bad. I wanted to experience that week and what it was like to compete for that type of state title but it always seemed that I was never looked at but looked over when the judges were looking at the girls who were more accomplished.

Stay tuned to part 6!

God bless,
Miss Central Lakes United States 2018


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