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Pageant History {Part 1}

Hello all my fabulous people! I thought of an interesting blog idea…I would love to tell you all about my previous pageant history. I’ll tell you all about my previous 7 pageants I’ve done starting with my  first  one, Miss Crosby-Ironton 2011. I also have a surprise for you all at the end! So stay tuned though the whole thing!

Miss Crosby-Ironton (Miss C-I for short) is my hometown pageant. It was brought back after not being held for 15 years in 2010. I helped my dad as a stagehand and that’s where my love for pageant started. I did get quite crazy with it. As the summer progressed and time got closer and closer I was practicing as hard as I could. My mind was focused on one thing…BEING MISS CROSBY-IRONTON 2011! That is dangerous; never have your mind focused just on the title please! :D

Now I did something that no contestant should ever do, spent a lot of time with the director. I would spend time at her house and help out with anything she needed or talk about pageant stuff. Current contestants, never spend time at a director’s house for too long. It’s ok here and there but as much as I did…made it probably look like I was fixing it to win. That is something I would never do but let’s continue.

When it came time for the pageant I was nervous and telling myself, “Oh I got this I’m gonna be Miss C-I!” There is no doubt I told myself. Boy was that a mistake to do. The pageant starts and I find how great it feels to be on stage. I loved every moment and worked it when I was on there. So a pageant stage is like my 2nd home haha. My talent was a stand-up comedy routine. Not sure if it was good but hey people laughed so I’m taking it as a good thing!

When crowning came around, I was a ball of nerves!! Miss congeniality was crowned...then Miss C-I Princess….THEN THE ONE I WAS WAITING FOR!

At this point I was not crowned anything but my hopes were very high of hoping to feel that crown land of my head.


I couldn’t believe it, I worked so hard how could the judges not see that. After everything was done I gave all the gals a hug then found my family and cried as I hugged them. I was so sad after it was done but there was a light at the end of the tunnel. It was a new beginning to something BIGGER!
There was visiting royalty and one of the gals wanted to meet up with me because we had similar platforms. AND her directors come into my life…they are AMAZING! They are still working in my life today…God can guide you to people in the most interesting ways. To just think that if I wouldn’t have done that pageant I wouldn’t be competing for Miss Minnesota United States!

Trust in God! He guides you to the places you have YET to dream of!
So for the big news, I have t-shirts for sale!!! They strictly benefit my local animal shelter HART (Heartland Animal Rescue Team) by giving 100% of the proceeds to them.
If you can purchase anything in the store, it is deeply appreciated!!
This is to help spread the word of my platform Adopt Don’t Shop, encouraging others about the importance of adopting your next pet from a shelter rather from a pet store or breeder.
Go to and take a look at the items.

Thank you & God bless,
Tiffany Paul
Miss Central Lakes United States 2018


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