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Pageant History {Part 4}

Good Evening my fabulous peeps,

I am recovering from a crazy wedding weekend!! Congrats to my amazing big brother and new sister, Craig & Monica! I am so excited that you two are officially joined together in God's name! Monica, you have always been a sister to me the whole 7 years y'all have been together! I love you so much and I am happy you are an official Paul. Honestly you have always been a Paul to me!

Now to pageant stuff, so for part 4 I will be telling you about a time I competed for a state title! This was very different than what I've been used to the past couple years I have competed. I competed for Miss Minnesota International 2014 and I was Miss Crow Wing County International 2014. I was so excited that I was able to hold a local title, I felt so special.

During my time as Miss Crow Wing County, I was able to so some awesome things such as:
-Help at the first Miss Brainerd/Baxter United States Pageant
-Read to a classroom at my local (and mine) elementary school
-Co-Directed the Miss Crosby-Ironton pageant (where I felt on stage lol)
-Served pancakes at the American Legion Pancake Breakfast
& So Much More

Prepping for state....I really didn't know what I was doing but I did my best. I was so excited for my Fun Fashion dress, it was a tony bowls dress!! My niece calls it my Elsa (Frozen) dress!
My platform was about Cleft Lip and Palates at the time and I associated my platform with the organization, Operation Smile.

When it came time to go to the pageant and all the events, I was nervous but ready! We checked into our hotel room and we got settled in I went down to registration. I was gonna go with out my sash on...but I was stopped by a state titleholder that I had to wear it at all times otherwise they will freakout if I don't. Well ok then.....

So I went back and got the sash, got all checked in at the pageant and met some of the gals. Everyone was very nice and it was so cool to be part of something bigger than I have before. I got dressed for rehearsal and we headed down to the pageant venue. And OH MY LAND...something happened where they couldn't have the original stage so they got a big event room and did it in there. They built a stage like one you would see on Toddler's and Tiaras, wasn't all that great but they did what they could I guess.

We even had to dress a certain way during rehearsals....not how we wanted to but certain types of clothing. Couldn't be casual in sweats and tshirt or had to be sorta formal. And we had to wear the sashes of course. OH and something that I think is so dumb, I got a crown of course with the title and we couldn't wear our crowns during pageant weekend!! I thought that was strange but hey that's just me.

So for pageant morning, I'm getting ready for my interview but first we were gonna go have breakfast. It was also my 21st birthday that day of the pageant. So that was pretty cool!!

Now all down at the interview area and the miss gals are waiting to go in. I am just learning how we do this type of interview and I have never done it before. It is called the Round Robbin style and that's where you talk to each judge individually. Personally I love this type of interview because I can talk to each judge personally and be able to connect better than talking to them all at once.

Then I grabbed all my dresses and back, I was ready to prep and rock the stage! I guess I was a hit at the pageant because my buddy that was competing for Teen told me a few gals thought I was really nice and sweet. Man that made my day.

So we had previous titleholders from years past do makeup and hair for anyone that wanted their help. I took up that offer and the thing was we had to was pre do our hair and eyes. I did that then I headed over for hair and makeup!

First was hair, I was not impressed with her due to the fact how she was made at me for straightening my hair...why I have no clue. Second was makeup, again was not impressed. When she did my eyes she said, "Now this will enhance those asian eyes..." What? Sorry but I'm not of any asian decent but they are gorgeous! Kinda made me made she just assumed my race but hey it's happened so many times I brush it off...but I still don't see it lol. Then she did my lips and JUST DID LIP LINER!! She filled them in with that and THAT WAS IT! IT REALLY LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE TRYING TO SAVE WITH THIS HELP! Sorry but they didn't know what they were doing...just because they were previous Miss Minnesota's doesn't mean they know it all. OK I'm done sorry about that! :D

Ready to go on stage and I was ready for the night to fly by until we had new titleholders. After intros we did on stage question...another messed up thing with this experience. With my on stage questions, it was, "What is Operation Smile's day of hope?" They repeated it twice then we could answer, I thought to myself after they first read of the first questions...OH CRAP! As I answered I just made something up as I went because I have NEVER heard of the day of hope. I left the stage and got ready for the next event. PS I looked up to see if this day of hope existed AND I COULDN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!! So that was ridiculous!

Fun Fashion was a blast and Evening Gown was great! Then came time for crowning for the Miss. They only did Second RU, First RU and Miss Minnesota Int'l 2014. They normally did Fourth RU and Third RU as well but they didn't this time of course lol. Anyways, Second RU....not me.
First RU...not me. MISS MINNESOTA INTERNATIONAL 2014 WAS......not me. I was a little upset I didn't get it but I see how it went down to compete.

Some may call me upset or jealous but I am not trust me. The girls who one all had the same coach and I know a couple if not all got their dresses at the same store that is big with that pageant....not trying to mean anything but seems slightly strange to me. But I was happy for them truly!!

After it all, I thought I was done with pageants. I felt that I couldn't be myself but only be a version that the judges wanted to see.

That is so not the way it works...I am polishing myself up in every area for state coming up in 2018.
May God have open doors in my path in this journey!

Until the next blog for part 5,
Miss Central Lakes United States 2018


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