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Pageant History {Part 3}

Good afternoon all,

Today is such a beautiful day here in the lakes area!! Having my pup Tucker really makes it easier and more motivating to go for walks and (shocking to me) runs!
That is one thing I am doing to get ready for Miss Minnesota US!! Another is I am using It Works products! You may have heard of this company it is the one that sells "That Crazy Wrap Thing". I actually used to be part of the company, yes I used to sell these products. But I stopped because I didn't like how I was being treated on my team. Other than that, I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!!! The wraps are amazing along with others to truly enhance your results. If you are looking to tone up or anything check out my cousin's it works link and become a loyal customer, you get a discount on the products...she's not telling me to say this I'm just doing it because I wanted to let yall know of it! :D 

So for pageant history part three, as I left off in the last blog Bill and Vicki told me to check out the open pageants on the Miss Minnesota (miss america prelim pageant) website. As I checked it out, I found a brand new one, Miss Northern Lakes in Bemidji. I wrote up my resume and platform statement and I was ready to go. Ha no not really I had some amazing help from the power duo...Bill and Vicki. Both helped me with my walk and talk even with my evening gown! It was a beautiful red dress! I also had some help from a buddy of mine, Savannah, and she is amazing at this kind of stuff!!

They also gave me a talent to use for that portion of the pageant. I felt ready after practicing and practicing! It was 5 AM and we headed out, my parents and I! Trying to keep my mind centered on just doing the best I could.

As we got there I was so lost!! I was excited yet I started to feel intimidated, some competed before some their first time. I went into the dressing room and started meeting the gals, they were so sweet! As we sent into practice I seen my bud, Bailey who was Miss MN Outstanding Teen at the time. In the middle of practice,  Miss Minnesota Siri Freeh comes in and we all were so excited! I met Siri previously at Bailey's send off to Miss America's OT pageant. Those gals just made the day so much fun and made us all laugh.

When it came to the interview I felt confident and it went AMAZING! Thanks to Bill and Vicki I was well prepped to rock! When I left the room I heard one lady judge say, "Beautiful Smile"! That boosted my confidence when it came time to compete. As we were getting ready for the pageant I went out to the pageant stage and noticed no one was there. I did notice the crown was out and I had to touch it lol. So I did I went over and picked up a corner then someone came by and said, "Those crowns are amazing aren't they." I agreed and then I left.

Time came for the pageant to start and I was ready. The onstage question went great and fitness I was rockin it! Oh and for those who have noticeable scars, I have two that you can see when I'm in swimsuit! One from my nissen that is the biggest one and one from my feeding tube. Trust me scars make you not break you!

Then for the talent...I FREAKIN ROCKED IT! to say the least...I loved performing it and using my passion and experience the piece was for me. Then evening gown went great...flippin loved the dress so beautiful!!

Then crowning....after the teens had their queen it was time for the Miss to get the crown! First runner up...not me but that's ok because I wanted the title!! Then Miss Northern Lakes

I was ok because this pageant was only a one day event, I didn't get obsessed over the practices over the weeks leading up. I only knew these girls for one day so I was able to let it go easier.
I took those memories and ran forward. I let God guide me and I got lead to not only my next pageant but a title! That is where I will leave you until the next post!

Thank you for reading and please keep tuned for more! Click subscribe up top to get emails when I post! Be sure to follow me on my social media where I share all the moments of my title.

God Bless,
Tiffany Paul
Miss Central Lakes United States 2018

Instagram: misscentrallakesus18


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