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Pageant History (Part 2)

Good evening all!

So title update before I start, I got my crown and sash paid for and got a cute sweatshirt so I can proudly rep the Miss United States Organization!

ON TO PART TWO, the second pageant I took part in was Miss Crosby-Ironton 2012 and it was a little different than the 2011 pageant. Now I found it interesting how I got signed up.

One day when I was waiting around the house to see if I was gonna get a call to work (I was a waitress at the time at a hometown restaurant) I wanted to go for a drive around town. As I was driving I thought of getting a cup of coffee then I was thinking where to go. Home or the hospital's coffee shop?

I then decided on the coffee shop that's where I ran into some family friends a gal who works with my mom and her daughter that I've known since I was young. We got to talking about the pageant and if I was gonna compete again. That's when I got the go to do it again. I got the call to go to work and then after I went to the director's house to sign up again.

Through this experience I was a little better about not getting caught up in the lights. Also better with hanging out the director less. But I was talked into doing a talent, now that I think back about it, wish I would have done differently. I spoke about my story on having a cleft lip and palate. It was cool but I wish I could have done more talent than talk. That's just me.

I got along with the girls way better this time round. That being I knew all of them and was able to talk with them more than last year's contestants. This made practises and appearances fun!!

I also did something to hopefully make myself standout even more that year!! I held a fundraiser at my work and raised a little over $1,300 for surgeries for children in third world countries to get surgeries. The organization I donated to was Operation Smile! I followed that organization since I was young since they help kids who were just like me with the birth defect!

As the time was getting closer, I was blogging even then!! If you want to see more in detail on how that went go to for all the blogs of the past.

As the night came upon us, I was ready. I felt like I could do it and could walk away with the title of Miss Crosby-Ironton 2012!

Feeling good as I was up on the stage, my second home! I felt like I nailed my onstage question, talent a breeze now let's talk evening gown!

I loved the dress but I could have had it longer! YOU COULD SEE MY FEET! That is a big no no in pageants! Anyways something else I could have changed here was MY WALK! I could have walked slower and way more elegant! Yet I blame it on the music, it was "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" by One Direction! Terrible song to walk to but it is what is is.

Then THE CROWNING MOMENT...Miss Congeniality...not me.
Crosby-Ironton Princess....not me.
Miss Crosby Ironton 2012...not me...
There was still a shining light at the end, a new title, Miss Heritage Days Princess....but it went to my good friend. I was SO happy and proud of my amazing friends!
But I didn't walk away empty handed, I got the Life Achievement Award, which not sure to this day what this award stands for but on the plaque it talked about over coming life's obstacles and still coming out a winner. No contestants voted on this...the director just did it. Not to sound rude but I don't think much of this because it was completely random and it felt like she was just doing that to make me feel special...

But at the end of it I noticed Bill and Vicki once again, in my last blog I mentioned them as the directors of the titleholder I met up with. They were so nice and gave me hugs and congratulations. Then Bill mentioned maybe they should make their pageant at the time an open pageant, so anyone in the state could compete because at the moment it was closed. Then Vicki said I should go on the website and check out the pageants that are open...that's where I went and where pageant three happened!

Before I sign out, I want your vote on something!
I have an instagram and this blog but I was thinking of creating a facebook profile so I could just make a facebook page for the title! So my question is, would you guys be interested in a facebook page or just what I got?

Vote below!

God bless,
Tiffany Paul
Miss Central Lakes United States 2018


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